President Obama Says It’s Someone Else’s Fault Immigration Reform Hasn’t Happened Yet

from Twitter

July 01, 2014 at 10:30PM


3 thoughts on “President Obama Says It’s Someone Else’s Fault Immigration Reform Hasn’t Happened Yet

    • They are. But how do you find and deport 12 million illegal immigrants. Securing the border will make enforcing the current laws much easier.

      Immigration reform is necessary because of inadequate immigration policy and execution. It will help boost the economy.

      Secure the border, expand guest-worker programs/increase work visas, give illegals that are here legal status (Green Card) if they pass a background check and send them to the back of the line to apply for citizenship.

      Track visas so people don’t overstay their visas.

      Decriminalize drugs. It’ll remove the problem of drug smugglers crossing the border illegally, lessen the danger to border security and residents of border towns.

      Government should have to verify legal status of those to whom they issue licenses, welfare and voter registration.

      Require the government to e-verify when an employer files a I-9 for an employee, not the employer; put the legal responsibility on the government if they get it wrong not on business.

      Increase work visas to match the demand by U.S businesses.

      Together all this will mean fewer people crossing the border illegally making it easier for border security to catch those who do cross illegally.

      • Thank you for your comments… make a good case, some I agree with, some I do not. I don’t believe in decriminalization of drugs….don’t believe it would work. It would be like a trade off. And as far as the government verification of legal status…..government has had a good record in any of their agencies. Hope to share more thoughts with you in the future.

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